EXPO 2020


World exhibitions or Expos are world’s most prestigious and image-making expos where the participating countries demonstrate the authenticity of their cultures, national identity, economic, scientific and technical potential.

The world exhibition “Expo-2020” takes place in Dubai (UAE) being the largest exhibition event in the world. The exhibition is devoted to exploring the new ways of cooperation and building partner relations to advance in developing innovations and new ideas to build a more sustainable future.

Expo 2020 dates: 1 October, 2021 – 31 March, 2022

General concept

“Connecting minds, Creating the future”

It is expected that the event will be attended by around 25 billion people from 180 countries. The official venue for exhibition pavilions is new Dubai Trade Center located on the 438 hectares, including exhibition territory of 150 hectares, city rail station, trade center, living facilities, hotels and logistics objects.

The decision about participation of Ukraine in Expo 20202 was made by Prime Minister V.B. Groysman responding to the invitation of Vice-President, Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai emirate Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum sent on 23 January, 2017.

Ukrainian pavilion will be the platform for demonstration of smart-approach to life.

Ukrainian pavilion will demonstrate the opportunities of smart-approach to life which results in decrease of harmful footprint, efficient use of resources and territories, creation of stable and simple products. All expositions are united by the idea of sustainable growth opportunity of ‘new innovative and mobile society’ which exists in harmony with the environment. Exhibition and events in Ukrainian pavilion will be divided into 4 sub-themes – smart-life, smart-health, smart-thinking and smart-feeling.

The modern society has been extensively using smart-technologies. It is impossible to imagine development of communications, power engineering, safety, transport, environmental protection among many other industries without smart technologies.
Now Ukraine is on the stage of active realization of “smart city” concept. It is meant to increase the comfort and quality life level by means of digitalization of processes and efficient resourсe usage.

This concept is tightly integrated with the main theme of Expo-2020 which claims that current global problems are too complex to be solved separately. Solution of global problems requires the world society to be ready to take actions regardless of geographical position, institutional boarders, industrial clusters, culture and discipline.

Participation of Ukraine in the World exhibition
“Expo-2020” will provide:

Increase of international image of Ukraine, demonstration of economic, scientific and cultural achievements;

Facilitation of onward economic and trade relations development with potential country-partners;

Activation of two-way cooperation with other countries, consolidation of existing networks and creating new collaborations among representatives of industry, science, culture and business society;

Promotion of Ukrainian goods and services to the world market;

Presentation of Ukrainian start-ups and innovation entrepreneurship;

Facilitation of mutually beneficial investment in infrastructure, power industry, realization of integrational and industrial projects, representation of the most potential investment projects in Ukraine;

Support and promotion of small and middle business.

Taking into consideration the scale and terms of the event, ensuring the high level participation of Ukraine was determined as one of the main priorities which is supervised by the Ministry of Economy and the Government of Ukraine.