About Enterprise

General Overview

State Enterprise “EXPO – 2020” (SE “EXPO – 2020”), founded as a state property, is accountable to the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine and is a commercial enterprise of the state. 

The Enterprise was established in an effort to ensure the participation of Ukraine in the World Expo 2020. The participation had been previously approved by the Government of Ukraine as stipulated in the act #94 “On the participation of Ukraine in the World Expo 2020”. Other purposes of the Enterprise include obtaining a profit through fiscal and economic activity, as well as customer service.

The purpose of the Enterprise shall be primarily to select managing entities responsible for Ukraine’s preparation and participation in the Expo, specifically the construction, arrangement and content of Ukraine’s pavilion. Other functions will include assuring the operation and maintenance of the pavilion, arranging its subsequent dismantling; developing and approving of the papers detailing design, estimate etc.; overseeing construction; architectural, design, engineering, and other services (namely interpreters, service staff, catering, insurance, logistics, transportation services, printing and advertising etc.); purchasing equipment and necessary supplies. 

In accordance with the Charter and the registry papers, the functions of the Enterprise are as follows:

41.10 Arranging the site construction;

82.30 Organizing events and trade exhibitions;

18.12 Printing other materials;

42.99 Building constructions not included in other groups;

71.11. Architectural activity;

71.12 Engineering, geological and geodetic activity, as well as providing technical consultations in the aforementioned fields. 

Available Jobs