World Expo

What is Expo?

World Expos are the biggest world events like the Olympic Games. The exhibitions do not focus on companies or marketing. Expos are image-making events which aim to make positive impressions. Exhibitions are run every 5 years according to the decision of Bureau International des Expositions. This international organization was founded in 1925 and Ukraine is its participant.

For more than 170 years World Expos has been the platform for innovations, building up new society, demonstrating inventions and foreseeing the future. Expos have always been the global scale events which have been forming human history by demonstrating innovative technologies of coming decades.

History of World Expo in 40 objects which have become civilizational stepping stones.

Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, UAE. The country has won the voting in 2013. The hosting country represents the event as the biggest and most expensive throughout 100-year history of Expo. The area of exhibition is 432 hectares (compare: World Expo in Milan occupied only 110 hectares); it took 6 months of construction work; there will be 190 participating countries; UAE expenses before COVID-19 pandemic were more than $44 billion.

General information and theme of “Expo 2020”


1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022


Dubai, UAE (4,38 km2)

Theme of Expo 2020:

Connecting the minds, Creating the future.
The exhibition will be devoted to exploration of ways to connect, cooperate and form new partnerships in order to develop innovations and new ideas for creating a better future.

Number of attendees:

It is expected that the event will be visited by 25 million people from 180 countries.
World Expos, held every 5 years according to decision of the Bureau International des Expositions, are the biggest prestigious exhibitions in the world where participating countries demonstrate authenticity of their cultures and national identity, their economical, scientific and technical potential.

Sub-topics of the exhibition:

Unfolding personal and social potential in order to make contribution in a better future (it is planned to open up three aspects of human potential: development of human capital for progress stimulation; necessity of financial capital as a resource for growth; partnership as the main driving force of innovations and employment); Mobility:
Necessity to create “smarter” and more efficient relations within globalization processes (it is planned to discover the following aspects: creating new personal opportunities due to mobility; easy access to distribution of goods and services; improvement of virtual connection by IT technologies); Sustainability:
Determining the ways of development by which society can advance to progress, eliminating the harmful outcome for future generations.

The list of international participating organization at “Expo 2020”

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the African Union, The International Charity Organization – Dubai Cares, The League of Arab States, The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE),
The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Union Nations Organization (UNO), The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

#WhatToExpect. What should attendees expect at Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 Dubai is the opportunity to reunite with the whole world in one place and keep exploring new inspiring ideas and cultures each day for 6 months.

Conceptual pavilions of participating countries at
Expo 2020

Click here to see the concept pavilions of some participating countries at Expo 2020.

Program of World
«Expo 2020»

Expo 2020 is an outstanding exhibition event where participating countries demonstrate the best innovative products. Each month is devoted to a separate theme which is coherent with the main theme – Connecting the minds, Creating the future and key sub-topics Mobility, Opportunities and Sustainability.

The core of Expo 2020 is an intensive program involving all participating countries and international organizations. Expo events cover almost all directions of modern society development, they tend to unfold the most sensible global problems: tolerance, equality, accessible innovative health care, global dialogue of nations through development of culture, art, business etc.

Expo calendar is separated into theme weeks, each of which is devoted to separate topic: climate and biodiversity, energy efficiency, space exploration, urban and country development, tolerance and inclusiveness, education, tourism, global objectives of development, agriculture, trade and investment, farming and animal husbandry, development of water recourses etc. Within the program of theme weeks the hosting country and participating countries host various events.


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