Eventful Evening of Ukraine National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai

Exciting shows were put together on Ukraine National Day at the Expo 2020 Dubai as a part of cultural presentation that each guest of the World Expo was welcome to attend.

National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAONI) put on an innovative performance at the World Expo 2020 using an advanced robot-conductor. NAONI is well-known to include only the best players of Ukrainian instrumental music, which allows the Orchestra to showcase folk heritage through the 21st century lens, as well as develop and enrich the sound palette without deforming it. Apart from traditional instruments, such as pandora, dulcimer, violin, panpipe and others, this requires also some unconventional ones, like mangle, battledore, bittern, and rattle. The Orchestra uses some 40 instruments overall. First and foremost, NAONI aims to represent and creatively amplify the musical heritage of each Ukrainian region. Brilliant skills of the musicians help to expand the Orchestra’s creative range and delight the audience with both Ukrainian classics and modern pieces. 

Light Show on the Dome of Al Wasl Plaza, the Heart of Expo 2020!

A breathtaking Light Show was projected on the Dome 360 of Al Wasl Plaza to celebrate Ukraine National Day using Ukrainian visuals in a modern reimagining. You can watch the snippet on Official Instagram of Ukraine’s Pavilion @ukraine.expo2020 

Фото: Андрій Максимов