On October 17-24th, Ukraine’s Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 hosted a topical event “SPACE WEEK”.

Several crucial events took place during this topical week, such as:

  • A presentation event “Ukraine in Space”, which included a series of topical presentations for official and business representatives including: “Ukraine in Space: Today and Tomorrow” by the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU); “Space Missile and Satellite Technologies” by SE “Space Bureau “South”; “Terrestrial Segment of Ukraine Space Infrastructure” by the National Center for Space Vehicles Control and Testing; “Devices for Remote Earth Probing and Astro-orientation” by SE “Arsenal”, as well as speeches by Volodymyr Taftay, the Head of the SSAU, and Vitalii Bunechko, the Governor of Zhytomyr Region.
  • A visit of the official delegation of the Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Kyiv City Council. The delegation took part in a series of events “Touristic Ukraine”, went on a tour of Ukraine’s Pavilion and the Pavilions of other participating countries, and presented our country’s tourism potential at the World Expo 2020;
  • A visit of the “IT Ukraine Association” representatives to Ukraine’s Pavilion during the topical business event “Innovative Ukraine”.