UA Organic Products Days at Ukraine’s Pavilion

On December 6-8th, Ukraine’s Pavilion will be hosting a series of events as a part of a theme “UA Organic Products” dedicated to presenting Ukraine’s potential in the field of production and export of organic produce.

One of priority directions in the development of Ukrainian exports is the expansion into new markets and increased presence of organic products in the Middle East. Ukrainian manufacturers of organic food and drinks are scheduled to make a collective presentation during the renowned international exhibition “Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo” held on December 6-8th in Dubai. The Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office is organizing the presentation.

The schedule of Ukraine’s Pavilion includes the presentation of Ukrainian organic produce manufacturers to the business community at the Expo 2020, as well as B2B meetings. The participation of Ukrainian organic business in the Expo 2020 will help push Ukrainian goods and services into international markets and expand the presence of Ukrainian companies in the Middle Eastern markets.

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