Style and internal context of Ukrainian pavilion

The concept of Ukrainian pavilion: 



Ukraine is a country with unique nature, people, traditions and culture. Despite the external aggression, Ukraine enhances the innovative approaches step by step. Our task is to show the authenticity and unique nature of Ukrainian people and culture through modern technologies. That is why we make the emphasis on innovations that make everyday life ecological, energy-intensive and rational. Today we witness constant global changes of economical processes which have turbulent character. The only stable characteristic today is variability, that is why mobility, rational approach and innovative way of thinking united by the concept ‘smart’ is the main idea of life for the stable development of society. Smart ideology connects all aspects of people’s modern life all over the world. Is it closely connected with the main theme of Expo-2020 which professes that the problems of modern life are too complex to be solved in an isolated way. The search for solutions of global problems makes people take action despite geographical position, institutional boarders, industrial clusters, cultures or discipline.

The logo of Ukrainian pavilion is 9 blue and yellow dots which are relevant to the Ukrainian national flag. The dots symbolize the theme of the pavilion: SMART UKRAINE: Connecting dots. Yellow dots make the framework but according to the idea they can turn into a basis where necessary symbols can be inscribed with blue dots. In the basic variant 4 blue dots correspond to 4 directions of Ukrainian pavilion: smart life, smart health, smart thinking, smart feeling.

The collection of subtopics is the idea of “smart”. The whole Ukrainian pavilion will make an integrated space divided into three topic groups: smart life, smart thinking, smart feeling. Each group shows the opportunities for rational, technological and ecological life through the tools and technologies accessible for the majority of world population. Basically, the whole Ukrainian pavilion is one story about opportunities of smart life today.

At Expo 2020 all subtopics together make the idea of “smart” itself. They are expressed through the following:
Mobility is the shift from owing to sharing mode, it helps to use the services distantly exactly where they are needed. Today the experience of sharing cars, homes, gadgets etc. is quite common. Such way of life lets a person be mobile and not to own too much unnecessary property. Part of technologies developed for sharing will be represented at Ukrainian exhibition.
Sustainability means the balance between the needs of people nowadays and providing the security for future generation. At Ukrainian exhibition this concept will be represented through rational approach to using natural recourses, use of eco-friendly technologies and optimization of life.
Opportunities will be represented through the collection of existing technologies for lifestyle enhancement of each person and the human kind in general. The whole toolkit for such opportunities will be represented at the Ukrainian exhibition. Within the framework of Ukrainian pavilion, both existing tools and technologies as well as things of creative industry such as art objects and conceptual smart clothes will be demonstrated. A wide range of exponents will let people of all nationalities find interesting things. Also, interactive presentations will give the visitors opportunity to interact with exponents any time.

While working out the main topic of Ukrainian pavilion “Smart Ukraine: life, thinking, feeling”, there was a lot of reflection and re-interpretation of the main concept. Thus, the core topic that involves all parts of Ukrainian pavilion has become «In dialogue with…». It has become a manifestation Ukrainian desire to get in close connection with partners and build effective communication with them. The idea of Ukrainian pavilion is ambition as it has to become not just the exhibition of achievements or act of cultural diplomacy, but a powerful model reflecting our society which can guarantee long and efficient conversation as well as mutual experience. Ukraine is a country which values trust, respect and mindfulness. It is a place for dreaming and making these dreams come true. Nothing can be achieved on its own, it is the idea which added consistency to the main concept of Ukrainian pavilion.

Exterior of Ukrainian pavilion

Internal context of Ukrainian pavilion

Level 1. Part 1. In dialogue with EARTH

Exposition “Wheat field”.
As soon as the visitors get inside the pavilion they percept Ukraine on a sensual level. They observe vast field of wheat where they can breathe in fresh air and sense the natural flavor of Ukrainian fields. Exposition “Field” consists of real wheat and its innovative forms (art object “nano-wheat”). Open space design does not limit the movement of attendees. Each guest has the unique opportunity to go through the “wheat field”, to hear birds chirping and to see how the Nature integrates with the future achievements creating the balance with technical headway.

Transformation of form and content. Gradually, analog wheat changes to nano-wheat (ornamental-innovative) as a symbol of Ukrainian gradual progress, development and adequate timely adaptation. There will be 3-D modelling of three types of wheat: traditional, “nano” and digital.

Decoration of walls. The textuгe of walls in the pavilion is made of tubular elements which remind stalks of wheat. In dimmed light each piece of symbolic wheat stalk illuminates golden shine.

Art club “Thinking”. Installation “Thinking” consists of art object “Cube” which has the surface of different textures. It symbolizes “thinking” of Ukraine which is a country with huge creative and intellectual potential. Throughout the day this installation changes its shape conceptually due to various video content.

Art club is an unusual object of bio-technological nature. It is a cubic reservoir filled with energy and power of the past, the present and the future. It is not only a material object but the synergetic embodiment of time, knowledge and experience, achievements and pursuit, talent and opportunities of Ukraine, hence, its nature has neither borders, nor limits. The energy contained in the cube has filled Ukrainian land with fertility and inspired people for great accomplishments. This energy actualizes in everything touched by a human. It is a talent coded in Ukrainian people’s DNA; it is love thriving in the nature and every plant; it is the energy of thought and progress which nurtures our mind. The energy in the cube consists of two parts: GOLDEN energy realizes in all living objects – DNA, grain, men, gifts of nature, land; and BLUE energy of thought, action, movement and progress. It is associated with the colors of national Ukrainian flag. The Cube will let each attendee recognize the thinking of Ukrainian people.

Level 1. Part 2. In dialogue with TECHNOLOGY


Multimedia gallery “Smart life”. The guests can visually percept the “smart life” of Ukraine. They are surrounded by the space of media gallery where the key role has video projection. Media gallery is the exposition where all walls make total multimedia screen. Powerful server connects dynamic visual and sound components and projectors provide high-resolution colors. The display is 3-dimention, detailed and bright. Due to ultra-focusing lenses people in the pavilion do not cast any shadows on the walls. Combination of modern exhibition space and visual enjoyment gives great opportunity to make exciting and innovative presentations for all participants of the exhibition. Our goal is to be interesting and astonish the visitors.

Each block of multimedia gallery program will be opened by a unique projective and kinetic show. The main technological peculiarity of this show is customized control system of light triangles. Separated in groups or generated together, they not only make the highlight of the show, but also function as a dynamic surface for projection. During the show, some elements separate from the mass of triangles and move independently in the space creating new forms – polygonal volumetric shapes for mapping highlighted by LED lights. Video content has been created with consideration of visual perspective and angle due to which the surfaces like kinetic array and walls around construct an effective integral picture.

Level 2. In dialogue with CULTURE


Cultural code. On the second level the guests get into the atmosphere of cultural heritage of Ukraine. Ornamental cutout zone is arranged as an open space filled with the laces of shadows – silhouettes of ornamental art objects. Cultural code reflects the dialogues which have been uniting Ukraine and Ukrainians with the world for many centuries. The most exciting plots, prominent personalities, greatest cultural, art and architectural accomplishments are represented here.

The exposition is built on the idea of dialogue because culture represents not only material, but also spiritual, moral and ethical values. We have to demonstrate historical headway as well as the example of cooperation of Ukraine with nature, religion and other cultures. The exposition is built in the shape of DNA molecule where each part is a genre cutout. The plots are built up on the same dialogue which gives the opportunity to enjoy folk aesthetics and find out the connections specific to ethic egregore of Ukrainian nation. The concept of this project is based upon the monumental postulates which were discovered during the reinterpretation of cultural code: polyvalence of Ukrainian culture, transformation and dialogue.

Level 3. In dialogue with CAPABILITY


Innovative products. Ukrainian pavilion will become the valid ground for demonstration of opportunities of smart lifestyle: reducing the human footprint, rational use of resources and territories, creation of sustainable products. All expositions are connected by the idea of permanent development of “new innovative and mobile society” which exists in harmony with the Nature. The exhibition and events in the Ukrainian pavilion will be divided into 4 sub-topics: smart life, smart health, smart thinking and smart feeling. Exposition stands will be designed in common style complementing the interior of each level of pavilion.

Level 4. In dialogue with ART


Getting the quality of final logical summary of all expositional narration of Ukrainian pavilion, Ukrainian modern art exhibition is the concentrated expression of our dreams and aspiration for the future. Through the artists’ world perception which is often the prophetic, since artists are the reporters of social rebirth, we tend to see what is happening to us today and what will happen to Ukraine in the future. We try to clarify our hopes. The name of art project is “Ellipsis” which presupposes continuation. It means a reasonable decision to complement the main theme with powerful unspoken senses which point at the further development. It is a deliberate pause which gives sense to the past and harbors great accomplishments of the future.

Author: Stepan Riabchenko

Concept of art project “Ellipsis”.

What world will we experience after the turmoil and destructions of COVID-19 pandemic? How much will we change and what will social, cultural and psychological changes result in? The idea of Ukrainian pavilion is ambitious as it has to become not only the exhibition of achievements or act of cultural diplomacy, but a powerful model of social reflecting which can guarantee long and efficient conversation as well as mutual experience. Ukraine is a country which values trust, respect and mindfulness. It is a place for dreaming and making the dream come true. Art object chosen for Ukrainian exposition are tuned up with this concept because each of them in its own way unfolds expectations from surrounding objects and modifications of something close and native. 

Thus, among art objects there is a traditional form of landscape and portrait which is filled with new sense, as well as new media art. Mutual placement of these different art forms should generate the atmosphere of specific tension in the exhibition space. As stylistic figure, ellipsis complements the text with dynamics, graceful expression and enriches its emotional component. Also, the exposition of works of modern Ukrainian artists greatly increases effect of Ukrainian presentation to the world community, because culture and art are the main indexes of how creative, authentic and wholesome Ukraine is. 

What is waiting for Ukraine in the future? First of all, everything will be all right. The only stable thing on the planet is instability. It is not easy to adapt to changes. Adaptation needs a lot of recourses and determination. Nobody likes changes. What is waiting for those who do not want to change? It is lack of imaginativeness, inertia, functioning for the sake of functioning itself. We strive for inspiration and are proud of our art. Thus, we have courage to fill our Expo pavilion with our ideas and dreams.

Curator of art project “Ellipsis” : Anna Avetova

SkyLab robo-complex. Among the works of modern art is a unique technological object “SkyLab robo-complex” – an exhibit, which is represented by an interactive bar with a robot. The exhibit has an interactive component. Guests interact with the robot hand using buttons that are built into the surface of the bar counters.

Final thesis. The fourth level is designed as a meeting point for people and modern art which is well balanced with technologies of the future. VIP lounge of the fourth level will be the perfect venue for communication, relaxation and introduction of arts. Pleasant atmosphere and nice music will benefit the outcome of such intercourse. We pursue inspiration and are proud of our art. That is why we fill our Expo space with our ideas and dreams.

Construction process

Currently the decoration stage is almost finalized (finishing of inside space). To provide adequate monitoring of construction process and publicity of preparation progress, Timelapse cameras (videofootage) were installed on each level of pavilion.

Video covers construction progress in Ukrainian pavilion
from 14 July to 13 August 2021.

Video covers construction progress in Ukrainian pavilion
from 14 June to 13 July 2021.

Video covers construction progress in Ukrainian pavilion
from 14 May to 13 June 2021.

Conclusion – 2020:

Construction of Ukrainian pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai is finished. Yet, there is a lot of work to do but we are inspired and determined to go ahead and meet the guests from all over the world in October 2021. Let’s watch together participation of Ukraine at world’s biggest Expo of all times!